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Kessler Dental accepts most dental insurance policies.
We will be happy to discuss your dental insurance coverage.
Payment options are available for those who qualify.

Kessler Dental accepts the following forms of payment.

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Kessler Dental Insurance Carriers

Below are some of the insurances companies with which Kessler Dental works. If you do not see yours, please contact the office.

Kessler DentalKessler Dental Loyalty Plan

Kessler Dental Dentures

An Affordable Dental Plan with INSTANT Savings

Kessler Dental understands that not all our patients have access to affordable dental insurance and that most individual plans available have high premiums with very little benefit. To help our patients obtain optimum oral health, we have developed the Kessler Dental Loyalty Plan so that our patients can enjoy the benefits of dental insurance without the premiums and restrictions. Read on to see all the benefits that our Loyalty Plan members receive.

Kessler DentalBenefits include


  • Kessler Dental Your Family dentistNo age limits
  • Everyone qualifies
  • Immediate activation
  • No frequency limitations on procedures
  • No maximums or deductibles
  • No pre-existing conditions
  • No claim forms or pre-authorizations
  • Members never pay for exams1 or x-rays
  • Membership costs are saved after the first visit

Kessler DentalTerms and Conditions 

  • Coverage becomes effective on the day membership is paid
  • Coverage is effective for 12 months
  • Any procedure that cannot be performed by a participating provider is not covered under this plan
  • Any procedure not listed is covered at 30% discount off provider’s current fees
  • This program cannot be used with any other insurance or benefit coverage 2
  • Any procedure referred out to another facility is not covered under this plan
  • Members will never pay a fee for x-rays of any kind
  • Members will never pay a fee for regular dental exams1

The Kessler Dental Loyalty Plan offers individuals, couples and families substantial savings on general and specialty dental services for an annual membership fee. Payment in full is required for all services or products at time of service.

1 Specialists exams may be subject to a fee, members will be notified in advance when applicable

2 Not dental insurance

Kessler DentalAnnual Membership Fees     

Coverage Level:

  • Single member only $99
  • Member plus one dependant $179
  • Member plus two dependents $199

– Each additional dependent over two,

$20 per member

Membership is extended to applicants and their

families (spouse and dependent children to age 26).

Kessler DentalSavings Comparison
New Patient (first visit)
w/o Plan w/ Plan Savings
Exam $80 $0.00 $80
Full Series
of x-rays $124 $0.00 $124
(prophylaxis) $93 $65 $28
Total: $297 $65 $232
$232 Savings PLUS 30% off most office procedures
Existing Patient (bi-annual visit)
w/o Plan w/ Plan Savings
Exam $75 $0.00 $75
Bite wing x-rays $46 $0.00 $46
(prophylaxis) $93 $65 $28
Total: $214 $65 $149
$149 Savings of PLUS 30% off most office procedures