KDLogosparks smOne Visit Dentistry – Cerec Technology


Cutting-edge innovations in dental instruments promise less time in the dental chair, less discomfort and more satisfying results. Kessler Dental has invested in one of the newest technologies, CEREC® 3D, which allows us to restore damaged teeth in one visit with natural-colored ceramic fillings, and without the need for impressions.

The CEREC® 3D is just one example of the new and innovative techniques we use to ensure you have the best possible experience at our office.

KDLogosparks smAdvantages of the CEREC® 3D Technology

  • Faster placement of your crowns
  • We control the environment
  • On-site corrections
  • No second visit
  • No additional shots to numb teeth
  • No lab delays (which could be weeks)
  • No impressions needed
  • No temporary teeth
  • Easy color matching for you replacement
  • Inlays, onlays, and crowns!

See what Susan, one of our Cerec patients, had to say about her experience.