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Life Changing Dentistry

“For 26 years I have been unable to smile, or better yet refused to smile. There are pictures of my life that should have shown a grin from ear to ear; from my wedding day, to my children being born. A smile should have shown how happy I truly was at these moments of time that I will never get back. I would hide my joy fighting back my smiles due to my teeth being ruined over the years through my negligence and the negligence of a dentist and I never thought or believed I could smile again.

I believe a smile is an important part of your appearance. A smile warmly greets another person when meeting, and a smile is an acknowledgement that it was pleasant to meet you, a fare well till we meet again feeling. Dr Kessler and her staff gave me reassurance in trusting a dentist once more. Her and her staff made me feel like I was part of their family and that is huge for me. They all gave to me the ability express myself and that is being a happy person, and not hiding my glee. They gave me a part of my life back that I never thought I could ever get, and that is the simplest thing, a smile.

I remember after the work that Dr Kessler had performed; I took a time out for myself to look in the mirror and smile at myself. I had to stop at a local park and I broke down in tears. Dr Kessler you and your staff have given me back something I thought I would never see again and I thank you so much, from a smirk to the warmth of a smile, I owe it all to you. Thank you, Doctor Kessler and Staff…. ”                            J.K.  January  2015

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