Denture Lifespan: How to Make Your Dentures Last Longer

Denture Lifespan: How to Make Your Dentures Last Longer

Dentures are one of the best dental restorations for replacing many or all of your teeth. however much like any other oral health restoration, dentures don’t last forever. Understanding the lifespan of dentures will help you plan the best for the longevity of your oral health. 

Here’s everything to know about how long dentures last and how you can help them last as long as possible.

The average lifespan of dentures

Typically dentures last between 5 and 7 years. However, the type of dentures, the material used, and how you care for them all affect how long they will last. For example, implant-supported dentures tend to last longer than other types because they are more secure in your mouth.

Tips For Extending The Lifespan Of Dentures In Lansdale, Pa

Eventually, dentures will require repair or replacement. Even so, there are a few easy ways you can help them last as long as possible. follow these easy tips to ensure denture longevity:

  • Cleaning: Just like natural teeth, dentures require daily cleaning. Use a gentle toothbrush and denture paste to brush them and prevent plaque buildup. 
  • Gentle Handling: Dropping dentures or rough handling may damage them. Only remove dentures over a soft surface, like a carpet or a towel. 
  • Regular Dental Visits: Come to the denture dentist at least once every 6 months for an exam. The dentist will assess your dentures, gums, and any remaining teeth. They can provide personalized advice and repair dentures when necessary. 
  • Use Lukewarm Water: Hot water may warp dentures. Only clean or soak dentures in room temperature water. 
  • Denture Storage: Avoid wearing dentures during sleep. Remove them and store them in a denture solution to keep them moisturized and clean.

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