One-Visit Dentistry

One-Visit Dentistry Lansdale, PA

Do you have time for two or more dental visits? We didn’t think so.

Unlike typical dental restorations which require you to wear a temporary crown and then return several weeks later for an additional visit. With CEREC at Kessler Dental, your crown can be created the same day right in our office. These restorations are color matched, metal free, and highly durable and all delivered in a single visit, whether you need a full coverage crown, a filling, or veneers.

CEREC by Sirona is the only CAD/CAM system backed by nearly 30 years of research and development. Plus, with more than 28 MILLION restorations placed worldwide and a proven success rate, you can rest assured that you have made the right choice!

Is One-Visit Dentistry in Lansdale, PA Right For Me?

At Kessler Dental, approximately 95%+ of our onlays and crowns are made during the same visit. At times, our patient may need additional procedures that would require a delay in the manufacturing of the restoration, for instance, if a root canal is needed. Even when this occurs we are still able to save you an additional visit!

We are even able to make most 3-unit bridges and implant crowns while you wait. There are many other reasons we love CEREC from the “dental” perspective, we get to control the fit and contours of your dental restorations rather than packaging them up and sending them off to a lab technician that doesn’t know you and your teeth. If the Dr. is not happy with the fit of your restoration, for whatever reason, she has the ability to remake it right on the spot to ensure you with the best possible outcome with one-visit dentistry in Lansdale, PA!

What to Expect

When you first come in, we will take a pre-operative digital impression of the tooth that needs restoration using a state-of-the-art 3D camera. From there, your visit will be pretty typical as the Doctor removes any decay and prepares the tooth.

We then scan for an additional digital impression of the affected tooth. This digital image replaces the physical impression required in the traditional procedures, so you don’t have to wait while a tray of goopy impressioning material hardens in your mouth.

Using CEREC software, right at your chairside, we will design every detail of your restoration with precise accuracy, ensuring the best possible fit.

While you wait and read or listen to some music, your all-ceramic restoration will be created in our onsite milling chambers, usually in about 15 minutes or less. We will even invite you to watch it mill. It’s pretty amazing and never gets old! Then we will check the fit, polish, and bond in your restoration.

“Well trained, very passionate, and meticulous about building the perfect crown for me”

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“Twas the night before Christmas and I received a visit from the Ghost of dental work past...a large molar broke!

I knew there was no chance to see Kessler Dental, but I emailed them right away. I received a call on Tuesday to schedule. I found myself in the dentist's chair with an anxious chest and a racing mind.

After Nancy came in to discuss the $, I knew what my options were and was allowed to call my husband to discuss how we would manage the payment. Dr. P and her team went straight to work, and instead of needing more appointments I was told the permanent crown would be built on site and the process would be finished in one and half hours!

This was important as I am new to my job and can't take much time off. Comfort was the main concern while I was having a new crown done. Soon I could feel the weight lifting as this wonderful, patient dentist was definitely caring about me and she was very gentle too. Watching Thea build the crown, I could see she was well trained and very passionate and meticulous about building the perfect crown for me. In end...a new Crown...and Comfort and Joy!

Thank you and Happy New Year”

-D Palmer