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Anxiety-free Dentistry
Lansdale, PA

We believe that dental anxiety is real, that it should not be ignored, and that it is our job to do what we can to alleviate it.

We recognize that many patients have anxiety about visiting the dentist. You are not alone. In fact, approximately 40 million Americans avoid the dentist because of fear and anxiety, according to the Academy of General Dentistry. We strive to build relationships with you, our patients, we hear you.

We offer a comfort menu each time you sit in the dental chair with amenities including pillows, blankets, lip balm, and noise-canceling headphones with your choice of music to make you more comfortable and help you relax. We acknowledge that, for some, these measures are not enough and additional options are needed to aid our patients in maintaining optimal oral health and a beautiful smile. We are happy to provide these with no judgment. Easing your anxiety is our pleasure, and we take pride in providing Anxiety-free Dentistry Lansdale, PA.

"They go out of their way to make sure the patient is ok"

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“These folks are amazing. I am a dental phob and before Kessler Dental I never thought I could get over it. At Kessler Dental, it’s ok to be scared of the dentist. No mocking or chastising at all. Not only is it ok...but they come along side with real help to get you through it. And I mean real help. They go out of their way to make sure the patient is ok and not in pain and make everything manageable. I would highly recommend them.”



Be Carefree but Fully Aware

Anxiolysis, a mild sedative such as Valium, will relax you, significantly reducing your discomfort. Add a local anesthetic, and you probably won’t experience any pain. In fact, you’ll be so chilled out that you’ll hardly care that you’re having a dental procedure.

If we’re using anxiolysis, you’ll need two visits. In the first visit, we’ll detail your health history and, if necessary, take x-rays. We’ll give you a prescription for a sedative which you’ll take the night before your next visit, ensuring a restful night’s sleep.

The next day, you’ll take a second dose of the sedative to allay your fears and keep you calm. Of course, we’ll monitor you during your visit.

Like many of our other patients, you’ll like anxiolysis because it:

  • Successfully reduces mild to moderate apprehension
  • Is proven to be safe
  • Enables you to speak and breathe independently
  • Is cost effective

If you have mild to moderate fears of the dentist, anxiolysis may be right for you, enabling you to remain conscious but relaxed.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Relax and Feel No Pain

Imagine a visit to the dentist in Lansdale where you feel relaxed and experience no pain. That’s what happens when we combine nitrous oxide with administering a local anesthetic. One helps you to relax, and the other numbs any remaining pain.

Like our other patients, you’ll love nitrous oxide because it:

  • Successfully reduces any apprehension you may have
  • Has a proven track record for safety
  • Relieves pain
  • Acts fast
  • Has minimal side effects
  • Enables you to be independent, you’ll have no need for an escort to and from the dental office
  • Makes it possible for you to get back to your regular activities immediately

If you have mild to moderate concerns about dental visits, nitrous oxide might be right for you. It will allow you to remain conscious and feel good….to the point of euphoria! You’ll likely recover rapidly and may have only a vague recollection of your procedure.

Twilight Sleep Dentistry

Don’t Worry About a Thing

Today’s medications enable us to offer twilight sleep dentistry, which promises to wash away your fears about dental procedures. You will be relaxed and drowsy during your treatment, but able to respond to your dentist’s directions.

Once you’ve set your appointment, our anesthetist will attain background information about your health and answer your questions about anesthesia. They will give you specific instructions about what to do before and after the procedure. You can also rest assured that when you receive anesthesia here, we follow the same protocols and guidelines that guide doctors in hospitals.

After Your Procedure

For your safety, you cannot drive or take public transportation after your procedure. Therefore, you need someone who will be responsible for taking you home.