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Dental Bridge Lansdale, PA

Rediscover Your Smile with Dental Bridge Treatment at Kessler Dental in Lansdale!

The absence of even a single tooth can significantly affect your daily life. 

From difficulties in biting and chewing to challenges in speaking, the effects are undeniable. Your self-esteem may also suffer as a result.

Whether you're missing one tooth or multiple teeth, you can experience negative consequences. Luckily, modern restorative options offer effective solutions for replacing missing teeth, and one such option is a dental bridge.

At Kessler Dental, we specialize in dental bridge treatment in Lansdale. Our dedicated team is committed to helping you regain your missing tooth and restore your confidence. We provide custom bridges made from high-quality materials like gold, porcelain, or metal alloy. Our dental bridges are tailor-made to fill the gap left by your missing teeth.

Dental Bridge Treatment in Lansdale

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A dental bridge uses dental crowns and pontics as replacement teeth. As a fixed restoration, dental bridges are stable and secure. By utilizing healthy abutment teeth as anchors, the bridge securely holds the prosthetic in place. While the adjacent teeth require prepping and a dental crown, a well-maintained dental bridge can last a decade or more.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

The dental bridge procedure typically involves two dental visits. During the first visit, the we prepare the adjacent teeth and fit them with dental crowns. Then for the second visit, we install the bridge itself.

Consider the following advantages of dental bridges as a tooth replacement option:

  • Improved chewing and eating capabilities
  •  Restored speech and pronunciation
  • Enhanced smile aesthetics by filling in dental gaps
  • Maintain dental alignment 
  • Prevent premature wearing by evenly distributing bite pressure
  • Enjoy a long-lasting restoration requiring minimal maintenance

Visit Us for a Tooth Bridge in Lansdale, PA

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At Kessler Dental, we offer comprehensive tooth bridge solutions to help you restore your smile.  tailored to your unique needs. Count on our dedicated team during every step of the tooth bridge process. We guide you through every step of the treatment to ensure you receive a quality bridge. 

We’re happy to accept dental insurance and to help you make the most of your coverage. Based on our detailed assessment, we help you craft a personalized dental care plan. 

Take the first step towards a better smile today. Schedule your appointment for a permanent dental bridge in Lansdale today.