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Key Benefits of Root Canals

Do you have tooth pain or discomfort? It might be a damaged tooth pulp.

At Kessler Dental, our root canal treatment in Lansdale can help you resolve discomfort and restore your tooth.

Root canal therapy is a modern treatment solution that provides unique benefits for your dental health.

Here’s what to know about considering a root canal.

Root Canal Procedure

Here’s an overview of how a root canal works in Lansdale:

1. PainFree Preparation: We make sure you don’t feel any pain with a local anesthetic.

2. Gentle Pulp Removal: We carefully take out the damaged or infected tooth pulp.

3. Thorough Cleaning: We clean the root canal to get rid of any debris.

4. Sealing Your Tooth: Your tooth is sealed with a filling or crown to complete the process.

Our dentist in Lansdale will explain the process and what you can expect. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have as well.

Benefits of a Root Canal

 It relieves dental pain.

 It reduces tooth sensitivity.

 It makes biting and chewing more comfortable.

 It keeps your natural tooth and smile looking good.

Signs You Might Need a Root Canal

Here are some symptoms that suggest you may need a root canal:

  • Tooth sensitivity to cold or hot
  • A fever accompanies your dental issues
  • Pressure or biting down elicits tooth pain
  • You’ve been struggling with pain or aching in one tooth
  • Discoloration or dark spots on the tooth 

If you experience these symptoms, come to Kessler Dental for a dental exam and potential root canal treatment.

Visit Us for Root Canal Treatment in Lansdale

Root canals at Kessler Dental are a simple way to address tooth pulp problems and prevent tooth loss. By removing the damaged pulp, we can alleviate your pain and save your tooth. Our modern root canal procedures are efficient and comfortable, ensuring your long-term dental health.

If you experience any symptoms of infection or decay, come see our dental team. We’ll look over your smile and determine the best solution for your smile.

Book your appointment with our root canal specialist in Lansdale today!