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What You Need to Know Before Professional Teeth Whitening

Getting a bright smile through professional teeth whitening in Lansdale is simple and affordable.

Kessler Dental offers professional teeth bleaching to remove stains and brighten your teeth fast.

But before you jump in, there are some important things you should understand.

Here’s a complete guide on what to know before starting your teeth whitening journey.

What to Expect From Professional Teeth Whitening

While professional teeth whitening can enhance your smile, it’s not for everyone. Before getting started, schedule a dental exam with our experienced team at Kessler Dental to make sure it’s right for you.

During your visit, our skilled dentists will check your oral health to see if professional teeth whitening is a good option for you.

At Kessler Dental, we use advanced techniques like the Zoom whitening system to deliver great results in just one session. The dentist applies a specialized whitening agent and uses state-of-the-art equipment to activate the bleaching process. After one visit, you leave with a noticeably brighter smile.

How to Prepare Your Smile for Teeth Whitening

Getting your teeth ready before whitening is key for the best results. Here are some helpful tips to get started:

  • Dental Cleaning and Checkup: Start with a thorough teeth cleaning and exam at Kessler Dental. We will remove plaque and surface stains, preparing your smile for effective whitening.
  • Stain Reduction: Reduce tooth staining by making lifestyle changes. Our dental experts can offer personalized advice on preventing dental stains.
  • Book Your Dental Consultation: Talk to our team at Kessler Dental about your smile goals and oral health needs. We’ll create a whitening plan that fits your goals and ensures a safe, effective outcome.
  • Sensitivity Management: Address any potential tooth sensitivity after whitening by using desensitizing toothpaste. Our dentists share recommendations for the top toothpaste options. This can help reduce discomfort and make the experience more comfortable.

Tips to Keep Your Smile Whiter for Longer

Keeping your bright smile is important for long-lasting results. Here’s how you can maintain your white teeth:

  • At-Home Maintenance: Our team will share recommendations for at-home products to help you maintain your white smile.
  • Eliminate Tobacco: Smoking and chewing tobacco can cause tooth staining. Quitting can help keep your smile bright and improve your overall oral health.
  • Use a Straw: Use a straw when drinking dark liquids to minimize contact with your teeth and reduce the risk of staining.
  • Daily Oral Hygiene: Brush and use mouthwash after meals to prevent stains and keep your smile bright.

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